Project Revisit

Today marked the first day I revisited Enliven VR since the Launchpad program submission. The main reason was I wanted to upgrade to the latest Unity 2017.1.1 version, but I had been hesitating for a while, in fear of things breaking. I also wanted to downgrade Oculus Utilities SDK from 1.16.0-beta down to 1.15.0 stable build.

Why these changes? In Unity 2017.1.0, apk is signed using Schema V2, while currently Oculus store submission only accept apps signed in Schema v1. That was the main reason why I had to create keystore manually to get it signed in Unity, then to resign the build using jarsigner. In 2017.1.1, we don’t have to deal with jarsigner anymore, and looked like I can reuse the existing keystore.

For the utilities downgrade, I have been having issues with camera, especially with objects that very close by. Sometimes I feel like the world move a bit, which definitely not comfortable.  I want to check if using the latest stable build can address this issue.  Oh, also it doesn’t help to see this information below on the release note for the beta version… This note was not there when I started using this utilities in mid July! >.<

As I mentioned previously, I was participating at Seattle VR Hackathon last weekend using my laptop, and we used the latest Unity there. I figure I might as well update Unity on this working machine, and thankfully the upgrade was seamless. Downgrading Oculus Utilities was a bit problematic though.  I started by deleting the OVR folder while Unity was open. Somehow, there were other components here and there that caused the utilities to keep being reloaded even after deletion. After many many attempts of deleting several different folders, I use the handy dandy google search, and stumble over this article. The main thing I learned for there was..  do this deletion when Unity was closed!  I followed that instruction, reopened the project, and Unity stopped trying to reload the OVR files, yay! There were a bit more remnant left, so I kept closing, deleting those components that got left behind. Once things were clean, I imported Oculus Utilities 1.15.0 and everything loaded properly. I built the latest scene and it was successful. Now we are ready for more testing and building.