Week 11 Update

Every year Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) has always been a big industry event here in Seattle, so I know I would not have much time to work on developing Enliven VR much.

On Sunday night, after I posted the previous blog, I started to learn the submission process to put the latest build onto Oculus Store. I printed and read all the documentations from the website, watched and took notes from Nathan’s video, created a built, created storekey, signed it once, then got stuck on the jarsigning process. I kept getting nothing but errors. Every time I got an error, Google was my best friend and helped in finding answers. I recreated the build several times, tried several different storekey, and jarsign just wouldn’t budge. I went to bed feeling frustrated.

On Monday morning, I went back to Google, looked for more information, and started noticing pattern of people who had issue when their filename had weird symbol like numbers or signs. Also some people mentioned that we should shortened the path name.  So I created a new folder on my d:/ drive, put my new build there with really simple name. For the keystore, I use really simple password, again, no number or symbol. Then voila, jarsigner worked!!!  I was so happy.  Gabor reviewed the app really quickly too, probably because I posted it around lunch time. Thank you Gabor, hope you had time to eat lunch.

People in the discord channel, Lauren, Tyrus, and another Scott helped me on the whole process. For those who need help, hop on discord :D

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday at PAX Dev. There were not many VR talk this year, unlike last year. The VR vibes last year was all about “give it a try, dev!  Don’t worry about failure, nobody knows what’s going on.”  This year, it’s more like “okay, we made mistakes, here what we learned.”

Currently I am at PAX. My mission is to try as many VR experiences I can try. It can be challenging since the lines are really long!  Bethesda is showing Fallout VR, Doom VR, Skyrim VR, and earlier I noticed the line was already 3.5 hours wait. There are a few indie VR games in smaller booth.

My other mission is to find some people who are willing to try my app. I had one lady volunteered this morning. She said she were a bit prone to motion sickness, and she did not have any discomfort using my app, which was great for me. There is also a special room here called AFK room where people can find safe space when they feel overwhelmed in the convention. I dropped by there earlier, talked to one of the organizer to see if I can demo my app there. He said to drop by tomorrow and have organizers try it first. We’ll see what happen then.

See you next week!