Week 5 Update

23 Jul 2017 chinnie

My anxiety problem continued from last week, and I figured it came from a really dense scheduling. I took a few step back, looked at current schedule and milestone, and started rearranging priorities to be more reasonable. It is great to have goals, but it’s an issue if we break down before reaching that goal. So in the beginning of the week, I dedicated a couple days away from Unity development and concentrated on paper design. I spent those days to relax myself using the latest Enliven VR build. It actually worked pretty well with the few features available right now. I only had issue when I started analyzing things while using the application instead of just simply relaxing, and triggered the anxiety. I had to keep reminding myself to take off the developer hat while I was using the headset.

In the middle of the week, I experimented with menu range and rotation based on user position. This short video below showed the mock up I had, where user started at reclined position, then selected sitting and laying down positions. The five buttons per row represent user comfort range for horizontal view. I can actually go up to 7 buttons, but the extra two buttons might cause neck discomfort over time. In actual experience, this menu will be hidden until user decide to activate it.

This user position is then carry over as persistent data from one scene to another, using Level manager with DoNotDestroy() script attach to it. Below is a mock up video of the latest build of Enliven VR.  The music is a temporary placeholder, composed by Niki Wonoto, a talented friend from Indonesia. He’s given me permission to use his pieces in my free projects. For Enliven VR, I’m requesting a couple new pieces from him.

Plan for next week:
– modify persistent data to implement instance based on user option
– implement menu hide/show
– start creating art assets

See you next week!