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     Enliven VR offers relaxation experiences designed to provide a way for users to briefly escape from the real world into a safe fantasy space accompanied by their favorite creature and soothing sounds, all while resting in a comfortable place like their bed or sofa.

     This product has been designed with mental health and accessibilty in mind, enabling people from different walks of life to enjoy the content. After 10 to 15 minutes in the experience, users will feel more relaxed, refreshed, and in a better mood to face the rest of their day.


Gaze-Based Interaction

Have you ever wanted to interact with a virtual world without a cumbersome controller in hand? Having objects to react as you simply look at them? Well, you can! All interaction is possible by simply using your gaze.

Three Adjustable Positions

When kicking back to relax, three different positions come in mind: lying on a bed, reclining on a pool lounge chair or sitting on a sofa. From accessibilty point of view, this positions can also accommodate users who are bedridden.

Comfort Adjustment

Everyone is unique individual with certain likes and dislikes. In Enliven VR, you can select or remove objects from the relaxation space through menu options. For example, we offer three different pet companions to choose from: a kitten, a pup, and a red panda. You can change the companion at anytime, and you can also choose to remove them.

Soothing Sound Selection

Backtround music and sound effects are crucial elements for relaxation, so we made sure to provide audio that can enhance your experience.

Other Input Options

Although we are huge fans of gaze interaction system, alternative control methods such as GearVR tap and controller will be available as well.

Enliven VR will be available for Oculus GearVR system by the first quarter of 2018. Please check our development blog for the latest news.



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